Research Interests

My research interests mainly include three main areas: Artificial Intelligence, Smart Grid and Smart Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence/Deep Reinforcement Learning

focus on learning algorithm and its application in smart grid and smart manufacturing

  • Reinforcement Learning/Deep Reinforcement Learning for Home/Commercial/Industrial Energy Management

  • Deep Learning for Load and Price Forecasting

  • Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Cooperative/Competitive/Mixed Cooperative-Competitive Energy Management System

machine learning 

Smart Grid/Power System

focus on optimal use of energy resources, analysis and optimization of energy processes

  • Demand Response, Energy Management

  • Load Forecasting, Price Forecasting

  • Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Power Systems

deep reinforcement learning for energy management 

Smart Manufacturing/Industrial 4.0

focus on systems design and implementation

  • Cyber Physical System (CPS), Administration Shell (AAS), OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA), AutomationML (AML), Digital Twin (DT)

smart manufacturing